We at Cadham Pharmacy are passionate about protecting our community! Our family works to serve yours and that is why we are providing mole scanning in Glenrothes.

If you are one of these people and you are scared to go to hospital or you are finding it difficult to get in to see a GP, you are not alone! We are here to make sure that you get the care that you need at all times, allowing you to get your moles scanned. Our Melanoma Mole Scanning service is £70 for one scan and any other scans on the same day is an additional £40.It is non-invasive, quick and painless to perform, enabling you to gain clarity and peace of mind about your health.


What is Melanoma


Melanoma, also known as Malignant Melanoma, is a type of skin cancer that develops from the pigment-producing cells known as melanocytes. Melanomas typically occur on the skin and can spread to other organs in the body. It can be daunting finding an unusual looking mole on your skin and that is why we have teamed up with ScreenCancer UK to provide this Mole Scanning service directly from our Pharmacy in Glenrothes !

Our Mole Scanning Service allows the detection of malignant melanoma. It is non-invasive, painless and quick to perform. The service involves scanning your moles using innovative imaging technology and having them analysed by a dermatology specialist. The service is for anyone who is worried about a mole that they have on their body. It is operated by ScreenCancer UK with the assistance of trained members of our pharmacy team.



So what are the symptoms of Melanoma?


The most common sign of melanoma is the appearance of a new mole or a change in an existing mole.
This can happen anywhere on the body, but the most commonly affected areas are the back in men and the legs in women.
In most cases, melanomas have an irregular shape and are more than 1 colour.
The mole may also be larger than normal and can sometimes be itchy or bleed.
Look out for a mole that gradually changes shape, size or colour.


What causes Melanoma?


Melanoma is caused by skin cells that begin to develop abnormally. Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun is thought to cause most melanomas, but there’s evidence to suggest that some may result from sunbed exposure. The type of sun exposure that causes melanoma is sudden intense exposure. For example, while on holiday, which leads to sunburn.

Certain things can increase your chance of developing melanoma, such as having:

  • lots of moles or freckles

  • pale skin that burns easily

  • red or blonde hair

  • a close family member who’s had melanoma


Who is affected?


Melanoma skin cancer is the 5th most common cancer in the UK. Around 16,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed each year with more than 1 in 4 skin cancer cases are diagnosed in people under 50, which is unusually early compared with most other types of cancer.

Over recent years, skin cancer has become much more common in the UK. This is thought to be the result of increased exposure to intense sunlight while on holiday abroad.

We care about you and we don’t want you to feel scared and alone during these very challenging times, especially if you have health concerns! Early detection saves lives and so we are finding this new technology so easy to use and the response from the public has been positive and thankful.

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