NuroKor MiTouch Complete Body Therapy System – A Patients Testament


Each person’s body is unique, and each of us has different physiological responses to pain management and conditions, our pain clinic in Glenrothes can help you get the help that you need.

NuroKor®’s bioelectronic technology is designed to offer a variety of treatment modes and frequencies. These options allow users to find the most suitable model for their personal needs or gains. NuroKor® has created and successfully developed a range of devices and accessories to suit individual needs and requirements. One of these devices is the NuroKor® MiTouch Complete Body Therapy System.

The MiTouch provides physical therapy through bioelectrical massage action in an easy-to-use, portable touchscreen device. The handheld device combines three proven bioelectrical technologies to effectively personalise the application. It is natural to the body action to help promote recovery. As it is personalised for individual use, MiTouch technology can also be used to speed up rehabilitation, increase strength and assist performance gains, through optimising recovery. Two of our incredible patients are a true testament to this.

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A Patients Testament



“So a little background on myself. I was diagnosed with axial spondyloarthritis at 15 years old and am HLA-B27 Positive. I’m most affected in my middle back, pelvis, hands due to the condition. Now that I’m 23 I think I’ve tried just about everything that you can think of to ease my pain like volterol, deep heat, tiger balm, hot water bag etc. But I hadn’t tried this lovely little pain reliever.”

My Appointment with Pain Clinic

“So I booked an appointment with Berni the Pharmacist at the practice for the pain clinic. Now booking it. I didn’t have an idea of what to expect. But when it came round to the appointment Berni was lovely as always and asked why I’d come to the pain clinic and what my expectations were then what I needed from it.

So I explained I have axial spondyloarthritis which is, unfortunately, rheumatoid arthritis and it causes chronic pain due to me having being very active flare-ups at the moment with my CRP being 70.

I said my expectations were to one day have my condition controlled by a biological therapy and manage with half medication & half alternative whether than be vitamins or mitouch. To decrease the fatigue, brain fog, and other side effects from taking these medications.

Berni then showed me the Mitouch then how to work it and what the settings were for and what they were good for eg pain management, massage, cellular repair after that she then put it on me for 20 minutes then said come back in 20 and tell me what you think. I said I liked it and She graciously gave me a trial for 1 week to let me see what it was like to have the Mitouch and if I liked it then I could buy it the following week.”





Why I liked the product

“What I liked about the Mitouch. It’s small and compact but discreet for walking outside or wearing inside. It’s simple to use and function at all ages. You can also place it on two places of your body at the same time due to its dual cords ability. It also comes with great pads that are reusable. It’s easy to take care of hygiene wise too and It also has many functions which could benefit anyone with arthritic problems or with a chronic condition. It’s also got a long battery life as well.”

My 1st day to end of the week

“The first day I had it on my back as that’s where I had the most pain that day I took it off after 60 minutes then put it away Later on at night I put it on my legs as they were aching muscle wise like they do some nights. This improved the pain greatly by using the running man option on the Mitouch then the pain management option.

The more I used it the more I gained to love having it around as it genuinely did take my pain away for a while which lasted 4-5hrs. I also, fortunately, had this device when my gran pulled a muscle in her side down her leg area ( unfortunate pain for her pulling her muscle). I put the Mitouch on her sore areas and put the running man on to relax her muscle over the week and after every use she also stated that it did help her. When the week was up we went to see Berni however Gran was in pain and Berni sat her down as you could see how difficult it was for her to sit down or standing up but Berni put Mitouch on Gran for 60 minutes on the running man feature to help with the pain due to her pulled muscle. Explained the features and settings to gran as well and what the functions are done and by the time we got up to go she could get up out of the chair without wincing in pain. Upon leaving I was gifted a Korband As Berni thought it would help with my back overall and target a larger area. I can’t thank her and her family at the pharmacy enough for helping me and my family.”




My review of Mitouch

“Now I wouldn’t write this review if I thought that it didn’t make a difference. I wouldn’t want to give people false where there was none. I know my pharmacist Berni trialled it out on her family first before using it at the pain clinic because she didn’t want to give us false hope either.

So my review is this lovely pocket-sized little device is worth every penny as a family device or separate and it does take away the pain of all kinds. I looked this brand up whilst trialling it out to read the reviews on the company and find it lives up to expectations and have hope once my arthritis is under control with biological therapy that I’ll be able to lessen my medication and use this device as an alternative and hopefully it will be a happy balance. I can’t thank my pharmacist enough for showing me this beautiful little pain freeing device.

A very happy customer called Lucy. Will be telling my fellow spoonies in my friend circle about this product and hope they choose to trials it out or buy it. This could benefit so many who suffer pain from injury, surgery, chronic pain and comes in handy as it’s portable.

Thank you so much Berni for showing me and gran this little device, she’s already feeling slightly better than before now she’s had it on her side for the hour. She’s been able to get up and down out of her seat better. Thank you.”


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