Say goodbye to filling up pill boxes and hello to better care. PillPacPlus makes taking multiple medications easier and safer. Watch the video.





One of the great things about PillPacPlus at Cadham Pharmacy is that we personalise everything we do just for you. From managing chronic illness to diet plans or flu recovery, we can create an individual plan of sachets that are perfect for what you need. If you need an item that cannot be put in a sachet, don’t worry. We can include this in your package and even print an empty sachet in your strip as a reminder.


We can also plan what day and what time your medication course starts to suit you best.


What is PillPacPlus?


PillPacPlus is a new way to think about managing medication. With a combination of the latest technologies already used across the world, experienced pharmacists and simple packaging we have created a new way for patients and their carers to manage their medication – it’s simpler, it’s safer…it’s better.


Your medication sorted


We take your prescriptions and organise them by day and time in simple tear off sachets.


We double-double check


We double check everything the robot does and some of our pharmacies now have eVision. It takes a picture of every sachet to make sure it’s correct


Collect 24/7


After a quality control check we’ll get in touch and you can collect your box from the 24/7 collection robots Connie and Robbie You can also talk to your pharmacist about our delivery options available.





Repeat Prescriptions & Support


We can help with re-ordering and managing the order process with your doctor. Our pharmacists are available via email or phone if you need any help.


Download the Healthera App and say YES to PillPacPlus today! 



The right medication at the right time


Your PillPacPlus box is a recyclable dispenser. Our robots sort your medications into the days and times to take them and packs them in a strip of personalised tear-off sachets. We also include a simple label with a list of the meds and times to take them.


Each sachet is clearly labelled with the date, time and medication names so no more missed pills and fiddling around with lots of pill boxes and instructions.


If you’re going away on holiday you don’t need to worry about packing pill boxes – just tear off the sachets for the days you are away.


PillPacPlus is more accurate


We believe safety is really important when it comes to taking medication. Our robots are designed to greatly improve accuracy and efficiency. They have great safety features like not dispensing medication if they sense the wrong pills in the wrong drawer.


Let us help your loved ones who are struggling to manage their day to day medicines and MAKE MEDICATION SIMPLE with Pillpacplus.




Berni and Team Cadham


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