Welcome to the future of Pharmacy


At Cadham Pharmacy Health Centre in Glenrothes in Fife we have combined
State of the art robots and technology and excellence in Family Healthcare in our Community.

Our NHS Clinics provide high quality healthcare for all of your family at every stage of their lives.

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Cadham Cares


Cadham Cares that when you have a minor illness you get the same healthcare professional Pharmacists that know you and your families and can assess you and treat you to get you on the road to recovery sooner. We offer the national Minor Ailments Clinics, Pharmacy First for impetigo and Urinary Tract Infections.

We are so proud to have won many awards for how much we care and if you are registered with any of the doctors in any of the GP practices you can access our new enhanced Common Clinical Conditions Clinic. This took many years to get up and running and after a successful pilot and lots of extra training alongside nurses and GPs our pharmacist are now prescribers for many more common ailments such as Sinusitis, Chest infections, COPD and Asthma flare ups, Skin infections, Eczema and Psoriasis flareups, Scabies and tonalities.


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Cadham Cares that your families have busy lives and we care that your vital life saving repeat medicines can be collected 24.7 365 days a year.




Cadham Cares that our doctors are very busy and if we help them as we have became more skilled as a team and get more time to care for you and your families, your doctor will also have more time for you when you are perhaps suffering from a more serious illness.

Cadham Cares that when you go on holiday you want to be happy in the sun and healthy to enjoy this amazing break and so we are a Health Protection Scotland approved travel clinic and Yellow Fever Centre. We can offer period delay advice and treatment as well as vaccinations for all the common diseases that you need to protect your families from in those far away destinations.




Cadham Cares that you have more choices to protect you or your families with protection against Chickenpox and Shingles with our NEW vaccinations clinics for these diseases.


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Cadham Cares that when you have been diagnosed as needing a Gluten Free diet that we will look after you and help you get the FREE NHS FOOD allowance every month so that you can stay healthy.

Cadham Cares about SAVING LIVES IN ASTHMA. We are so proud to have won the prestigious respiratory award at the Scottish Pharmacy Awards and we are passionate about helping you become more aware of the dangers of asthma and the simple things we can teach you and show you so that you can make your mind up to take your asthma more seriously. We love seeing people who do just that and with a very short time they are safer and can manage their triggers better and do need to reply so much on their blue inhaler. We are working with the paediatric team at the local hospital in an effort to support continuing to save more lives in asthma .3 people die every day in the UK and 2 of them are completely PREVENTABLE.


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Cadham Cares that when you want to consider QUITTING SMOKING that if you come to our NHS clinic with support you are 4 times more likely to succeed and live a longer healthier life.


Cadham Cares that the local cottage hospital out of hours service is closing and we want to help our community to give you easier access in your own town before having to go ti the Victoria hospital for the assessment. Please use this NHS approved service that is already here for you and your families. We are open Saturday 9am till 1pm then 2pm till 5pm and we are considering opening on a Sunday if you would like this support so please do comment if you would like this as an additional service from our health centre.

From our Family at Cadham to yours ,we will continue to bring the future of Pharmacy to our community today so that you can get more accessible excellence in healthcare and hassle free supply of your vital medicines.

Thank you for supporting us over the years and we hope to continue to be your first choice for family healthcare for all the generations of your family and for generations to come.