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Serial online prescriptions in Glenrothes and Medicines: Care & review

Community pharmacies in the UK are evolving to provide better services to people who take medicines over a long-term period. This includes online prescriptions in Glenrothes. According to the NHS, the Medicines: Care and Review services should be available to everyone who is registered with a GP.

Pharmacists know almost everything there is to know about medicines, and talking to them enables you to get the best from your medications. You can get in touch with us if you have any worries or concerns about your medicines.

What is the Medicines: Care and Review Service?

This service involves three parts:

Reviewing your medicines

The main focus of the pharmacist will be on how you take your medicines before they decide with you whether you need a care plan to get the most out of them. They will do a review of your medication on an annual basis.

Care planning

You and your pharmacist will agree on a care plan that best suits you. The plan enables your pharmacist to plan and record any details of what should happen for you to get back on the right track. Especially if you’ve come across challenges during your medication, if you agree, a pharmacist will give you a copy of your care plan and another will be given to your doctor.

Serial online prescriptions in Glenrothes

Your doctor may provide you with serial prescriptions if you’ll be taking your medicines on a long-term basis. This is so you can repeat prescriptions without having to place new orders every time you run out of them.

We will need you to register with us to be able to use any part of the Medicines: Care and Review service.

Registering will enable us to provide you with advice and support that best suits your case. It will also provide us with a picture of your individual medical needs and your healthcare priorities.

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How do you register for this service?

The first step will be to select the right pharmacy where you’ll get access to the Medicines: Care and Review service.

You don’t need an appointment to give us a visit, meaning you can register with us at any given time. We may require some of your information during registration, such as your name, date of birth, and address. You will be required to fill in a registration form. The form will confirm that you:

  • Want to register for the service
  • Have a GP in the UK, and you have a chronic condition
  • Agree that your GP and pharmacist can share information about your conditions and medicines
  • The information you provide on the form is true

Reviewing your online prescriptions in Glenrothes

We will review your medicines with you when you first register for the service and annually after that. The review will involve some questions about any problems you may have and how you take your medicines on your first registration. The review will make sure that the medicines are still working on you each year after that.

Care planning

You will be asked about any problems you might be encountering with your medicines to see if a care plan would be of help to you. We will then try to find solutions to the problems while considering your opinions as well. You will also be included in the development of your care plan. It will outline any actions you will be taking to keep your medication on track. We will then review the care plan and update it regularly.


online prescription Glenrothes

What happens when I have a care plan?

Your pharmacist will regularly review your care plan with you. This normally happens when you visit to pick your repeat prescription. Sometimes your pharmacist may ask to speak to you in private about your care plan.

Serial online prescriptions in Glenrothes

Your pharmacist works hand in hand with your doctor to ensure you get your medicines in a correct and timely manner. You may be able to get a ‘serial prescription’ if your prescriptions involve repeat medicines and your doctor thinks it’s the best option for you.

A serial prescription ensures that you get access to your repeat medicines straight from a pharmacy without the need to get a prescription from your doctor.

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What happens if my medicines change?

Your doctor will update the pharmacy of any changes involving your medication. The pharmacist will then consult with you to check if you understand the changes involved.

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