Treat Minor Illnesses at Cadham Pharmacy


Your health is our priority here at Cadham Pharmacy. Whether you need advice, are looking for a new pharmacy to collect your prescriptions from or you are not feeling too well, we are here to support you. Therefore if you are feeling poorly or concerned about your health, visit us, we treat minor illnesses at Cadham Pharmacy though our Pharmacy First Clinic.


The list of what we can treat at Cadham Pharmacy is extensive. We are a modern prescribing clinic that offers NHS treatments in-store, therefore if you are looking for treatment for advanced ailments in Glenrothes, you have come to the right place. These are conditions that used to have to be treated from your GP practice and now our Clinical Pharmacists can assess you and treat you within the scope of their clinical practice therefore saving you a trip to the GP. Put your health in our hands and have peace of mind while visiting our advanced clinic.




Our Pharmacy First  Clinic is funded by NHS and aimed at patients who use GP or Out of Hours services when they have a minor ailment. We want to educate and assist patients in how to access self-care advice and the appropriate healthcare services without having to go the the GP but instead by visiting our pharmacy.


Benefits of using our Minor Ailments Clinic


– Releases capacity on GP practices and the precious NHS
– Provides the local population with easy access healthcare providers and pharmacists who can give advice on, and treat where necessary, a range of minor ailments.
– Saves patients time – no more waiting in lines at GP practices.
– Access to healthcare outside of normal GP opening hours
– No more waiting days for an appointment


minor illnesses cadham


What we can treat


We can treat a wide range of minor illnesses at Cadham Pharmacy including:


Pharmacy First Clinic 

– Acne
– Athlete’s foot
– Backache, earache or headache
– Diarrhoea, constipation or haemorrhoids (piles)
– Cough pain, nasal congestion and sore throat
– Emergency Hormonal Contraception
– Hay fever, eczema and allergies
– Head lice and threadworms
– Indigestion
– Mouth ulcers or cold sores
– Period pain and thrush
– Warts and verrucae


Advanced Triage Clinic 

– Sinusitis
– Chest Infection
– Ear Infection
– Cellulitis
– Asthma Flare Up
– COPD Flare Up
– Eczema Flare Up
– Psoriasis Flare Up





Other Advanced Services



One of our most popular advanced services is our award winning Ear Wax Removal service. This micro suction treatment can ease pain and hearing difficulties caused by a build up of ear wax. Please note our ear wax removal service is only available on a private basis, read more about it here. 


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