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Are you struggling to hear the person next to you? Avoiding social contact due to hearing difficulties or having to turn your favourite songs up to full volume? If you are experiencing symptoms such as dizziness and hearing difficulties, this could be indicative of an excessive earwax build-up. It is vitally important to look after your ears and protect them from permanent hearing damage. That being said, our team at Cadham Pharmacy understand that not everyone can afford to have an ear wax consultation or ear wax removal and that is why we are providing FREE Ear Wax Consultations and removal for those that are vulnerable until the end of August 2021.


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What Causes A Build-Up Of Earwax?


A build-up of wax can be caused by many different environmental factors, including:

– Having narrow or hairy ear canals

– Ageing, as wax finds it more difficult to fall out, and gets harder, as you age.

– A natural tendency to have a higher quantity of earwax.

– If you have bony growths within the outer part of your ear canal.

– Hearing aids, earplugs and any other objects inserted into the ear. This is because they can push wax further inwards.


How Do I Know If I Have An Excessive Amount Of Earwax?


Ordinarily, a build-up of earwax manifests in the following ways:

– Hearing difficulties

– Dizziness

– Itchiness

– Tinnitus

– Earache

– An ear infection


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What Happens During an Appointment


If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, we offer an initial consultation followed by safe, painless Ear Microsuction in partnership with TympaHealth, if needed.

When you arrive for your appointment, we offer a 15 minute screening process to identify any potential issues within the ear. The consultation will be carried out by our expertly-trained staff. Following this, you will be referred for treatment if any issues are highlighted. However, it is most commonly a build-up of wax that is the source of any discomfort.

Following your consultation, we will then carry out the Microsuction process if needed. Ear Microsuction involves inserting a low-pressure suction probe into your ear; it is the most efficient way to remove any debris or built-up earwax.


How to get a Voucher


The Free Ear Wax Removal offer is only eligible for patients that meet a specific criteria and therefore we cannot take direct bookings for this service. In order to claim your voucher and get an appointment booked in please email Beri on  Berni will be able to discuss your needs and find an appointment time that suits you best.


With love from our family to yours xxx


Please note: This service is only available if for patients that are vulnerable, elderly or have a limited income.