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Are you looking for Covid Testing for Business Travel?


Whether you are looking to jet off on a business trip, or are returning to work a little closer to home – Cadham Pharmacy is here for you. We offer Covid Testing for Business travel, taking you back to the office and beyond. Our affordable Global Travel Testing Solution with same-day results will help make your return to work as smooth as possible.




How will Rapid Antigen Testing help my business?


Rapid Antigen testing is used in order to detect an active Covid infection in asymptomatic cases. Essentially, its purpose is to identify those who may not be showing symptoms, but who may still be spreading Covid. The rapidity of the test allows for early detection, thus stopping the chain of transmission. Therefore, this test can prove critical for individuals or businesses who require regular testing to operate as normal. We have included the helpful video guide above to provide further insight into the necessity of Lateral Flow Testing.


Our Covid Rapid Antigen Testing


In terms of Covid Testing for Business Travel, we offer incredibly efficient Rapid Antigen Testing. This test provides results within 30 minutes; your kit contains all of the necessary instructions to help you carry out your swab sample.

Our Covid Rapid Antigen test requires a simple nasal swab. Unlike the Covid PCR test, your results do not need to be analysed in a lab. The test performs in a similar way to a pregnancy test, meaning that the results will be revealed within the testing device itself. This will help you maintain workplace efficiency, allowing you to react to the early detection of Covid accordingly.

You can use Antigen testing as proof of a negative Covid infection for some destinations. It is most-commonly used to confirm whether you are able to board your return flight to the UK. However, you must check whether the testing method is accepted by your destination country and airline before you travel. You can find guidance surrounding individual countries on the Government website.


How will Covid PCR Testing help my business?


Covid PCR testing has had a staggering impact upon the travel industry, with millions of people forced to cancel their travel plans worldwide in 2020. However, over a year later, countries and airlines are beginning to reintroduce travel again. This is largely due to the availability of PCR tests such as ours. A Covid PCR test (or polymerase chain reaction test) is used in order to actively detect Covid antigens. Antigens represent an active infection; this means that the test can be used as proof of a negative result for travel.



Our Covid PCR Testing


Our Covid PCR test requires a throat and nose swab; is administered by our professional pharmacists to give you peace of mind. If you are looking to jet off on an important business trip, we even offer a Fit to Fly Certificate, which is required by many countries and airlines before you travel. Our Fit to Fly Certificates are signed by an NHS-trained UK General Medical Council (GMC) doctor; they are also validated using an embedded QR code, enabling you to travel with ease, as well as with peace of mind.

This test is not suitable for those who have experienced symptoms up to 28 days prior to the test, or who are currently experiencing symptoms. If either of these categories represent you, you should follow current guidance with regards to self-isolating.

Following the completion of your test, we will analyse your sample in-store using innovative technology from Randox. Further information regarding this cutting-edge method of test result analysis can be found in the video above. Ultimately, said technology ensures that you are guaranteed to receive your results the very same day. This means that you can use your valuable time to carry on doing what you do best.


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Let us make your life easier for you


As well as our rapid results turnaround, we offer a bespoke invoicing service to suit the individual needs of your business. Simply book in for your regular group testing with us, and we can take care of the rest, invoicing your company and streamlining the process for your employees.

Here at Cadham Pharmacy Health Centre, we strive to be your one-stop hub for all of your travel healthcare needs.


We offer a range of travel vaccinations, as well as professional travel advice to help you get you where you need to go, safely.

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