chicken pox vaccination glenrothes fife


Chicken pox vaccination available in Glenrothes Fife


We are delighted to be able to offer this vaccination at a very affordable price.
It costs £50 per vaccination and requires 2 injections 4-8 weeks apart.

Chicken pox is going around Glenrothes just now and every day we are seeing more children being affected. This vaccine can protect your children if they have not had chicken pox and can be given up to 3 days after exposure. We would recommend that you consider this as a preventative measure and it takes 2 injections around 6 weeks apart to give the immunity.

Chickenpox is caused by a virus and can be dangerous for people who are pregnant, new born babies and if they have an impaired immune system. In the UK the children do not get the chickenpox vaccine but in other countries around the world it is part of the schedule. For those children who are getting chickenpox we offer our NHS Minor Ailments service and we can support families. it can be a stressful time seeing the children covered in the spots which can be itchy and very uncomfortable. We offer advice on what to apply to support reducing scarring and making the child more comfortable.


chicken pox vaccination glenrothes fife


All of my team make the families welcome and support them dealing with chickenpox. We were very touched when a young mum wrote:


“Outstanding! Bernie and her team are a pillar of my community, they provide a service that is second to none consistently. Recent advice on treatment for my children’s chicken pox was invaluable and meant my little girl could settle for a sleep at a time when her little body was exhausted. Incredibly grateful to have been made to feel so welcome and be afforded so much time to reassure me. Thanks again for your help Bernie!”


We are just so pleased that for those mums and dads who can now be given the option of prevention, we are providing another option and making it as affordable as we can so that more families can access this option. Please do not hesitate to book an appointment to discuss as we do need to do a full safety check to make sure it is safe to inject and then we can book the time and date that suits the family to bring the child in. We look forward to helping more families who are interested in this service.

I hope this has been helpful in supporting you making an informed choice about your children.
Our family have vaccinated my 2 year old Grandchild.

Please note it is only available for children 2 years an above and if you are an adult and have not had chickenpox you too can be protected so please do consider this as often the virus can be worse in adults.


You can book your consultation here.


Once you agree to the vaccination we take a deposit for the injection of £15 paid in the pharmacy to reception and the balance is payable on the day of the vaccination.


Please visit this website for more details regarding the vaccination.


Berni and Team Cadham