Click and Collect Prescriptions

 Click and Collect your Repeat Medicines 24/7 365 days a year

I am so proud that our Award winning Click and Collect Service for Innovation allows you to order safely from the comfort of your own home or off

What is the Process ?

  1. Download our APP Healthera to access click and collect prescriptions 24/7
  2. Complete the Profile and remember to click exemption Lives outside of England
  3. It is so easy to add and order your medicines
  4. You can set reminders to take and reorder your refills
  5. Our team do the rest to give you peace of mind
  6. We order and track your prescriptions with the GP practice
  7. Our robots will send you a 6 digit secure code to collect your vital medicines 24/7
  8. You have 48 hours to collect
  9. You can message us easily to our dedicated team

To register for our Click and Collect Prescription Service, please complete the form below and we can collect your NHS Prescription automatically from your GPs surgery. You can then pick it up from our 24/7 Robots


    Keeping you safe

       Our mission is to always keep you safe and to minimise your contact and need to come inside the Pharmacy.





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